Nothing better then a day at the spa.
At K-9's and Kitty's we recognize the value of a good job in the grooming salon. 

Not only do dogs and cats fit into life at home better when they are clean, but they are healthier. Good grooming prevents skin problems caused by dirt built up against the skin, it helps to keep nails at a reasonable length so that they may accompany their owners on those long walks without a problem, ears are carefully cleaned and looked over so that any start of an infection may be caught in its early stages or even prevented completely. 

These are only a few of the health benefits to having a pet groomed on a consistent schedule. Our policy is to provide quality grooming and care at an affordable price.

Oral Care

Our pets oral care is just as important as our oral care.  On going research shows the link between oral health care and overall health.  It is important to keep your pets teeth and gums healthy.  This allows them to eat normally, this in turns helps to keep their breath fresh and 
can add up to fives healthy years to your pet's life.

To ensure and promote healthy dental habits we use and recommend PlaqClnz for your four legged loved ones.